what is our Mission?

Pursue’s mission is to support and strengthen young adults in their mid-20s at Morningside by being intentional in community and ministry as we personally pursue God.

where do we meet?

We meet every Sunday morning at 9:15 and regularly throughout each month at various church families’ homes. Our leaders’ homes (and lives) are open throughout the week.

how can i serve?

There are numerous opportunities to serve within our life group (media, M.A.S.E. planning, food, etc.) and other Morningside ministries (grounds, teachings, nursery, singing, the list really is quite too long) as well as within our neighborhoods. 

what activities do we have?

The Puruse group also has various activities just to do things together (Who doesn’t like going to Table Rock or a coffee shop?) And special events such as a retreat in February and summer mission trips (church plants in Utah). 

who are our leaders?

what are our Goals?  

To help you pursue a relationship with God so that you:

Stay connected to and involved with Morningside by attending and serving; Remain steadfast to God in the workplace by shining as a light; Witness and show Good works as salt to your friends, neighbors, coworkers; And that over time you will influence others do the same.

Ultimately, so that you look beyond Greenville and go with the Good News of Christ.

We feel like we're successful when our young adults are serving, helping, and working in Morningside, Greenville, and beyond.

You're Invited

Come be a part of a caring group of believers at Morningside who are serious about pursuing God.