Membership is an important commitment of both the individual and the local church. It formalizes the obligation that church leaders have to provide oversight and members have to participate in service. Morningside offers two options for membership: associate and regular.

Associate: Associate membership is primarily for those who want to connect with a local church on a temporary basis while they are still members of their home church outside of the Greenville area. Associate members are limited in ministry opportunities and do not have voting privileges in church matters. Prior to a pastoral interview meeting, please fill out the online associate membership application.

Regular: Most of our membership are regular members, and anyone who is a professing believer and has followed the Lord in baptism by immersion and is walking with the Lord may be a considered for church membership. Prior to church membership all candidates, 13 years old and older, are asked to attend the Starting Point class, and affirm the church Constitution and Bylaws. If you are interested in membership, please call the church office at 864.297.7890 to schedule an appointment to discuss membership with the pastoral staff. Prior to a pastoral interview meeting, please fill out a regular membership application and return to Pastor Steven Huffman.

instant church directory

With our church growing rapidly, we provide Morningsiders a great way to connect with each other and learn new members' names and faces. Our church directory is kept up-to-date with a free app (search for Instant Church Directory in your app store) or an online version called Instant Church Directory. To connect, send a family photo to


Morningside has had the privilege over the years of hosting many weddings. If you are a member or a regular attender at Morningside and would like more information about our wedding policies, fees, and procedures, please contact the church secretary, Laura Jackson or call 864.297.7890.


Our church is here to assist families as they go through a time of loss. We have a Morningside Funeral Checklist for the Family that can assist in planning a funeral. If you need pastoral assistance, please contact Pastors Josh Crockett or Steven Huffman at 864.297.7890.

Activity Request form

If you are a Morningsider wanting to plan a church activity that uses church resources or that you want included on the church calendar please complete the this Activity Request Form (you can pick up a hard copy from the tract rack outside the church office) and or download this PDF version and email it to the church secretary, Laura Jackson or drop it off at the church office.

Child Worker Screening Application

The protection of our children is of highest priority. Therefore, it is required that all those who are working with our children fill out an application form and submit to a federal and local background screening. To start this application, please read the policy and complete the background check by clicking here