Hope Baptist Church VBS

Morningsiders Keith & Michelle Shuman, Wanda & Giovanna Courtney and Andrew, Alex, Adam and Ashley Klaire Darst volunteered with our sister church to help with their VBS July 15-17.

Pastor Ben Gordon had this to say: “I wanted to thank you for getting together such a great group of volunteers from Morningside to help with our VBS this year. They were a tremendous blessing in every way possible. We had a record number of kids at VBS with a really limited staff this year and we needed every single one of those that volunteered.”

At Morningside, we realize that we have been sent by our Lord to reach out to our community--especially to those who are hurting with the compassion of Christ.

Foster Ministry

As a church we are engaged in foster ministry. Not only do we have church members who serve as foster families, but we promote foster care and have drives to help foster children locally. Morningside has given over $60,000 to Miracle Hill Ministries since 1999. 

Over 2,000 children are in foster care in the Upstate of South Carolina, and because of a shortage of foster homes, hundreds more children are waiting, in need of a foster home.

We are thankful that Morningside and our members can partner with Miracle Hill to answer God’s call in James 1:27.

If you are interested in foster care ministry at Morningside, please contact Jonathan Harper.

Piedmont Women's Center

Morningside is a proud partner with the Piedmont Women’s Center, a trusted provider of reproductive health care serving the upstate of South Carolina and surrounding areas. Their involvement with professional community partners enables Piedmont Women’s Center to provide free laboratory quality pregnancy testing, free pregnancy consultations and free limited OB ultrasounds at three locations in the Upstate region. Caring, professional personnel are committed to understanding and meeting women's individual health needs, as well as their spiritual needs. Morningsiders support PWC with their finances and their time as volunteers. 

GREENVILLE Rescue Mission

The Greenville Rescue Mission provides an essential service to our Greenville community. Morningside has given over $60,000 to Miracle Hill Ministries since 1999. 

Since its beginning as a soup kitchen in 1937, Miracle Hill Greenville Rescue Mission has undergone many changes. The Greenville Rescue Mission has over the years expanded its facilities to house families in the apartments, more than 130 men, and also provide emergency shelter for more men in extreme cold weather conditions.

The face of homelessness is constantly changing. It is no longer the face of a 55+ year old drifter. In the last 20 years, the average age of a homeless man has dropped to 45 years old – meaning there are more 18-25 year olds seeking shelter than ever before.

short-term MISSION Trips

Every year, multiple Morningsiders go on short-term mission trips-- especially during the summer. This is a great way for you to partner with believers in other parts of the world for the advance of the Gospel and to see how the fame of God's name is being proclaimed to the ends of the earth.


We are looking for volunteers who care about reaching our neighborhood and showing Christ's love to the next generation. We have been given a tremendous opportunity to serve our neighbor across the street, Pelham Road Elementary school, by providing mentors to meet with students for 30 minutes (usually during their school breakfast or lunch) a week. Please contact Michelle Jarrell for more details.

good news club

During the school year, on Tuesday afternoons after school, Morningside provides an outreach to Pelham Road Elementary School. This evangelistic ministry presents the gospel in a fun and imaginative way and gives further opportunity to invest in the families of our community through weekly connections. For more information or to get involved, please contact John Burnette.

ESL (english as a second language) Instruction

The Lord is bringing the world to Greenville, and some of them want to learn English. Morningside provides a free class to teach basic English. The class meets on Sunday mornings from 9:00–10:15 am.

EVangelistic OUTREACH

Our church visitation meets on Wednesday nights from 6:45–8:00 pm. Morningsiders are encouraged to commit to one Wednesday a month to participate in making visits. Parents are welcome to include their children and make this a family ministry. For more information or to get involved, please contact Pastor Steven Huffman.

tract ministry

Morningside is committed to getting the gospel proclaimed both locally and around the world. To assist our Morningsiders in that effort, we provide a wide assortment of free tracts, including seasonal tracts.