This morning we’re going to see that the Pharisees read the Bible like that lawyer. In fact, the scribes were lawyers. They viewed the Bible as a law book—full of legal codes & legal loopholes.


But how does Jesus view the Bible?

What does Jesus think about the authority of the Bible?


Many people today struggle with the idea of the Bible having authority over your life.


They say, “We like Jesus— His teaching; His life of good deeds, helping the hurting, advocating for the marginalized, reaching out to outcasts.

What we don’t like— is the Bible.”


“How can you treat a religious text written 1,000s of years ago as authoritative today? I mean we’re so much more enlightened—socially, scientifically, sexually.”


They say, “The Bible is outdated. Even parts of it, our society agreed with 10 or 20 years ago, are now condemned as hate speech.”


That’s what our culture says. “We like Jesus—but not the Bible.”

So what does Jesus think about the Bible?