Maybe sometimes you feel like the man inching across the ice.

You know the importance of faith in trials, but your faith is overwhelmed by fear.


You know in your head that Jesus is powerful.

At the end of ch. 4, we see His power over a dangerous storm at sea.

At the beginning of ch. 5 we see His power over demons in a man.


We know Jesus can handle storms on the sea & demons in a man, but how many of us encounter either of those? 

·      I mean we live in the Upstate, not too many of us spend a lot of time out on the sea, navigating through life-threatening monsoons. 

·      Not too many of us have knowingly encountered a demon-possessed person—unless you work in the nursery , you might think you have.


But does Jesus care about the common problems we do face?

1.    Like the fear of getting sick? Being diagnosed with a severe illness. We all know someone whose facing that.

2.    Or the fear of losing everything financially? Destitute, bankrupt

3.    The fear of being lonely? With no one to talk to, feeling isolated

4.    The fear of dying? Or seeing a loved one die?


We’re going to see all 4 of these fears in the 2nd half of Mark 5, with 2 desperate people.

But both of them trust Jesus in spite of their fear.