Jesus has just finished a long day of parables. Verse 34 says, “He expounded all things to His disciples.” But now they’re leaving the classroom. 

So Jesus taught them about His kingdom in parables. Now He’ll show them His kingdom in real life. From the ivory tower into the testing furnace. From the classroom to the school of hard knocks. Jesus is going to quit talking about their faith. Now He’ll start testing it.

How do you react when your faith is tested? How do you react in moments of difficulty when God isn’t responding the way you expected, or it seems like He's not there, or it seems like He doesn't care, or it seems like He doesn't hear? 

Is there a disconnect between your worship on Sunday and the anxiety you’ll feel during week when you sense a storm is coming, or drop-dead panic when a storm rolls into your life—something unthinkable happens in your family, in your relationship? You hear the words “cancer” or “divorce” or “I don’t love you.”

See talking about our faith is easy—on Sunday, when it’s just theory, when it’s just the classroom. But what happens when we go out on the streets of the real world? In the trials and storms of life?

This morning, we’re going to look at following Jesus in the storm.