Sunday School

On Sundays at 9:15, middle school and high school students gather in the Upper East Wing to receive dynamic Bible teaching geared toward the heart and mind that is immediately applicable to everyday life. For further information, please contact Pastor Jeff Webb or call 864.297.7890.

Youth Group (Wednesday)

If Sunday is the time to equip and energize our students, then Wednesday is the time they put all that teaching into practice. Training is more focused on Wednesday during our monthly split sessions, and the application becomes more practical as the teens have opportunities to exercise their spiritual gifts for the edification of the local church.

First Wednesday — Meeting Other’s Needs

The youth group is involved in a local nursing-home extension. Haywood Estates is located on Haywood Road and offers an opportunity for our teens to get involved. We are involved with this outreach every first Wednesday during the school year. If your student has an interest in playing an instrument, singing a special, giving a testimony, or preaching then this is the place for your student.

Second Wednesday — Meeting Your Student’s Needs

During the school year, Pastor Jeff and his wife, Bethany, offer a split session for the students. This split session meets every second Wednesday of the month. After the session, we take the opportunity to enjoy fellowship in the gym.

Third Wednesday — Meeting the Family’s Needs

Throughout the year after a challenge from Pastor Webb, students, and their families have an opportunity to pray with their deacon care group leader. This allows your family to either develop or strengthen their prayer time as a family. Establishing the habit and maintaining the discipline of family prayer is of utmost importance.

Fourth Wednesday — Meeting the Group’s Needs

We meet the entire time as a youth group in the Upper East Wing. We will be together and focus on the Word and prayer. Even though the students are presented with truths from God’s Word almost every Wednesday, this particular Wednesday we meet collectively. After the session, we will have an opportunity to enjoy fellowship in the gym.

Outreach and Missions

Community and worldwide outreach is important to our youth group. Every month we participate in our church-wide outreach program and serve in a local nursing home by providing music specials and teaching from God’s Word. Each year our students travel away from Greenville on mission trips. These trips focus the students on others and away from self. Trips range from Vacation Bible School, evangelism, canvassing, and general projects that benefit the local ministry.

Activities and Camp

Students love to have fun! Each month we combine middle school and high school for a main event that is exciting and available for the entire family. Additionally, the middle school and high school meet separately one Sunday a month for their own unique time of fellowship with each other. The event calendar is located on our website and is updated regularly.