Some college freshman went to their 1st class, Intro to Psychology.

And the teacher said, “I want you to think about emotional extremes.”

 He turned to a student from Arkansas, “What’s the opposite of joy?" "Sorrow."

 “Good. What’s the opposite of despair?" he asked a student from Oklahoma. "Elation."

"Good," the teacher turned to a young man from Texas and asked, "What’s the opposite of woe?" The Texan said, "That’s easy sir. Giddy-up."

For those of you coming back to school or especially those starting, this can be an emotional time.

For 47 years, Ann Landers received 10,000 letters every month, from people asking her advice. Her column had 90 million readers.

A reporter asked her what was the #1 problem she was asked about. She said,

“The one problem above all others is fear. People are afraid of losing their health, their wealth, their loved ones. Many Americans are living lives filled with fear.”

Maybe this morning, you’re starting to feel afraid.

Students are afraid of adjusting to a new environment, a new school. Being separated from your family—in college.

Parents may be afraid saying goodbye, watching their nest start to empty, realizing their home will never be the same again.