Please turn with me to Ps. 104.


A few Sundays ago, we began our series Your Work Matters on Labor Day weekend. We saw the irony of the fact that as Americans, how do we celebrate work on Labor Day? By getting out of it—we take off work on Labor Day.


We saw different reasons people dislike their work: a bad job, bad boss, bad experience.


And because preachers (to our shame) don’t talk enough about work, many in churches don’t understand what the Bible teaches.


We saw a couple fundamental misconceptions about work:


We view it as either a necessary evil

Many people live for the weekend, for a paycheck.

They say, “TGIF- Thank God it’s Friday.”


Or as a means to financial success, to living the American Dream.


But in this series we’re going to see the Bible dispels both of those misconceptions.


We saw 1st of all, God is a worker. So work is intrinsically good.


In the very 1st verse, the 1st 5 words of the Bible, we read…


Gen. 1:1 In the beginning, God created… not “God sat majestic in the heavens.” He worked. He “created.” He did something. He spoke the universe into existence by the word of His power. He forms the heavens and the earth. He fashions man out of dirt.


God the Father is a worker,