On Wednesday, America’s Got Talent crowned their new champion.

Kodi Lee is not only a great musician—he’s also blind.

This morning as I look out I don’t see many people who are completely blind. I don’t see many guide dogs or canes.

But I wonder how many of you would say “I’ve worn contacts or glasses or had a Lasik or cataract surgery to help me with my vision? Okay, most of us in this room.

 Now 2,000 years ago, there was no Lasik or cataract or corrective surgery. There were no contacts or glasses.

 So it was common in Jesus’ day, to see beggars in the street with clouded, empty, fly-swarmed eyes. They were 80, 90, 100% blind.

So Jesus heals many blind people. Including Bartimaeus in ch. 10.

But this time is different than any of the others. There are some strange things that cause us to wrinkle our foreheads. But we’re going to see why Jesus did it like this.