Have you ever gone on a trip, and you get down the road, and realize “I forgot something

This Wednesday I went to work out at the gym before going to church. And since I don’t have a padlock, I decided not to take my wallet with me. Well, that morning, I invited a man from church to meet me for lunch. And I get up to the front to pay and realize, “I don’t have my wallet.”

So I felt horrible that I invited him to lunch and then made him pay for my meal!

In our text, the disciples embark on a trip, but realize they forgot their meal.

 ·      In vv. 1–8, Jesus feeds 4,000 men. With 7 baskets leftover. These baskets are big enough for a grown man to fit in—like Paul did in his escape from Damascus.

·      In vv. 11–12 Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for their unbelief

·      And in v. 13, He and His disciples get into a boat and sail away.

 So now they’re sailing across the Sea of Galilee. And the disciples realize they forgot to bring all that extra bread from the feeding of the 4,000.