Paul Marcarelli is an actor, best known for being the "Test Man" in Verizon commercials 2002 to 2011, where he walked around saying “Can you hear me now?”

Though Verizon didn’t drop his calls, they eventually dropped his contract t in 2011.

So like an NBA player, he switched to the competition. Now he’s the spokesperson for Sprint.

Those commercials were popular because we’ve all been there.

We’ve experienced the frustration of trying to have a conversation, but you can’t hear what the other person’s saying. Every other word blanks out.

Or you’re talking away to someone for three minutes when your phone rings. And it’s the person you thought you were talking to. And you realize you’ve been talking to dead air. How many of you have ever done that before?

Then you can’t remember where you were in the conversation. Because I’m on Sprint, I often find myself asking, “Can you hear me now?”

Imagine if the answer to that question was always “No.”

What would it be like to never hear? To be deaf?