Please turn with me to Mk. 6. Our theme is Following Jesus in 2019.


It’s already June. We’re almost ½ way through the year. So if you’re not following Jesus in 2019, unless you’re a guest, what’s your excuse?


Maybe we say, “Because something bad happened in my life, so I don’t know if He cares.” We saw last time Jesus sees with eyes of compassion. Like a Shepherd, He cares about our needs—both physical & spiritual.


Maybe you say, “Well, I’m glad someone cares about Me. But you just don’t realize how insurmountable this obstacle is. I’m so broken, I don’t know if I can be mended.”


This morning, we’re going to see not only does Jesus care, but Jesus can.


Not only does the Great Shepherd sympathize with our needs. He can do something about it. This story is a picture of the Gospel.

Divine Power + Divine Compassion = Everything You Need.


No matter how burdened you are, no matter how weary you are, no matter how confused you are, no matter what you’re facing tomorrow, Jesus is not only compassionate, He’s powerful. He can meet your needs!


Let’s look at our Shepherd’s Ability: Jesus Can!