On this Memorial Day, we are thankful for these American heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We honor their sacrifice!

As Christians, we owe an even greater debt of gratitude to the Hero who not only died for us but rose again. The Captain of our Salvation, Jesus Christ.

In Mark 6:34, Jesus looks out over a crowd of people and is moved with compassion because He sees their needs. He sees them verse 34 says “as sheep not having a shepherd.”

 And Jesus is not just describing the crowd then. He’s describing us today. All of us.

·      Isaiah 53 says, “All we like sheep have what? gone astray.”

·      Jesus sees with compassion a wife who’s come to realize her husband loves his alcohol or his work or his hobby or his addiction more than her.

·      Jesus sees a couple who’ve worked so hard to make ends meet, only to be hit with another financial emergency, and they fall back further.

·      Jesus sees with compassion a young woman who’s considering horrible things because of an unexpected pregnancy. She’s desperate for love & forgiveness, for help & encouragement.

·      Do you see the many sheep without a shepherd? Because all we like sheep have gone astray.