Now for civilized Americans in 2019, this may sound primitive even outlandish.

You say, “Do you really believe in demons?”

The vast majority of Americans say they believe in God & heaven. But not so many believe in demons & hell.

Maybe you say, “I’ve never seen a demon-possessed person. I don’t plan to be demon-possessed.” If you’re a believer, you cannot be possessed by demons. You say, “So then how does this apply to me?”

Well, the Bible clearly teaches the existence of demons.

You say, “Yeah, that’s because it was written in ancient times when people had a primitive & simplistic view of the spiritual realm. They didn’t understand how the world works before the Age of Science. They didn’t understand mental illness, & disease, & epilepsy, they were simplistic and naïve.”

Actually, the Bible’s understanding of demons is complex, not simplistic. It is nuanced, not naive. It is multi-dimensional, not one-dimensional.