When a football coach was called up from his college team to the NFL, he decided to divorce his wife of 26 years. Why? He said at the college level, he needed a wife for social functions—to look good; and show parents of recruits, that he would be a good role model to their sons.

But in pro football, a wife was unnecessary baggage and a distraction to winning. So he threw her away. He didn't need her any more.

He said winning football was his #1 priority.

In contrast, Tom Landry, who had coached that same NFL team (see I don’t dislike the Cowboys) said,

"The thrill of knowing Jesus is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.  In 1958, I did something everyone who has been successful must do, I determined my priorities for my life — God, family, and then football."

Last week, we saw that after a long day and night of preaching and healing, Jesus got up early the next morning and got alone with His Father to pray.