In the same way, all of us deal with some form of pressure.


Maybe not physical pressure. We’re not at a high altitude right now.


It may be academic pressure—your parents really want you to do well in school.

I was talking to a guy Friday who lived in China for several years. He told me parents put so much pressure on their kids to do well academically, that every spring when they take their standardized tests—the suicide rates skyrocket.


Maybe you’re experiencing financial pressure—you’re getting behind on your bills. You’re afraid of emergencies. You don’t know how you’ll make ends meet.


Maybe you’re experiencing emotional pressure—at your job, at school, from a bully who’s always picking on you.


Maybe you’re experiencing family pressure. Maybe your home is full of screaming and yelling and hot tempers. Maybe even physical abuse. And you dread coming home to your family.

Maybe like the mom in this picture, you feel like you need 6 arms to do everything.


How do you cope with the pressures of life?