Good afternoon! 

We wanted to let all of you know how much of a blessing it was for our family to stay in Morningside's Mission Home this past weekend! Often when we travel, we have to get two hotel rooms to fit everyone, so we end up spending less time together as a family. It was so nice this time to be able to stay all together in a home! We were able to eat some meals together, enjoy the back patio, and rest well on very comfortable beds. Our two youngest children enjoyed the playroom, and we all enjoyed the food and the snacks that were provided for us! Since we were able to use the washing machine and dryer, we were even able to return home with clean laundry. :-) Although the weekend was full of mixed emotions as we left our two older daughters at BJU, we returned home feeling rested and thankful for the quality time we had spent together at the Mission Home! 

During our 20 years of missionary ministry, we have stayed in scores of missionary apartments and mission houses. However, the cleanliness, spaciousness, quality, and decor of Morningside's Mission Home are unparalleled. Thank you all so much for the countless hours and huge financial investment that was made to prepare such a welcoming "home away from home" for us and your other ministry guests!

In Christ,

David and Kim Huffman

*We took this picture on the back patio right before leaving to return home after saying our goodbyes to our two oldest at BJU. :-)