Omar and Patricia Barahona

  • Joined: Aug. 4

  • Deacon: Miguel Perlera

  • The Barahona family participates in the Hispanic ministry at MBC.

  • Omar and Patricia have both accepted Christ as their personal Savior. As Patricia said, “I am convinced that (God) sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to cleanse us from our sins, that His love and mercy are infinite, and that only with His forgiveness I can have eternal life.” Both Omar and Patricia have demonstrated their faith by being baptized.


Brianna Howell

  • Joined: Aug. 11

  • Deacon: Ben Plumb

  • Attends: Pursue

  • Brianna was raised in Honduras where her parents are missionaries. She remembers praying a salvation prayer when she was four because her mom wanted her to, not because she understood her need for a Savior. When she was eight years old, however, she started doubting salvation and God. Her sister encouraged her to talk to their parents. They answered her questions then explained the plan of salvation to her. Brianna accepted Christ’s work on her behalf and has since seen God work in amazing ways in her life.


Dan and Sherry Barbrow

  • Joined: Aug. 18

  • Deacon: Scott Krystowiak

  • When Dan was in junior high, he asked God’s forgiveness for his sins during a revival meeting and was baptized the following spring in a pond. However, he questioned whether his decision was based on true repentance or emotion for the next few years. He prayed a prayer of genuine repentance in the early 1970s and was baptized again. Sherry came to Christ in the basement of a friend’s house at a child evangelism meeting. The teaching reinforced that of her parents. She saw her need for salvation and accepted Christ’s sacrifice for her sins.