Our children at Morningside are blessed with caring parents who feed them every day. Sadly, this is not true for many local children. MBC is partnering with Pelham Rd. Elementary School to provide food bags called Backpack Blessings for 30-40 needy children. These food items are packaged and discreetly placed in the children’s backpacks on Friday afternoons so they are supplied with meals for the weekend. Food donation signup sheet is located at the Welcome Center today & next Sunday. Sign up is also available in each SS class. You can drop off your donated food at the Fall Carnivalregistration table on Sunday October 29 or placed in bins at the Ministry Center. For more details, please email Lara Cropsey (

Items for Backpack Blessings:

(List also available at the Ministry Center)

· Instant Oatmeal (1 box, 10-12 count)

· Mac ’n’ Cheese cups (4-8 count)

· Soup (4 pack, no creamed soups please)

· Tuna (4 pack)

· Beanee Weenee (7-8 oz can)

· Peanut butter crackers (8 count)

· Fruit cups (4 count)

· Pudding cups (4 count)