“Hark!” 2018 Christmas Program (12/16/18).

“Hark!” 2018 Christmas Program (12/16/18).

Last week: “The Prodigal Song, 1759 (Part I)”

If the Lord has gifted you in music, why not use that gift at Morningside? Our choir and orchestra assist in congregational singing whenever possible and present music during most Sunday services. The music we sing is rich in doctrine, conservative, and graceful in arrangement.

Open Choir

This week, anyone who joins us at 5:00 in the choir loft is welcome to sing with us in the PM service. Come one, come all!

Join the Choir

We also welcome new members in all sections and for all ability levels January through October. Child care and transportation assistance are available. For more information or to get involved, please begin the process now or contact our music pastor Todd Jones.