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What will my child be learning at Kids on Mission?

This year we will be focusing on the Islands around the world.

1st-5th grade - Kids will enjoy competing in challenging team games. Kids also won’t want to miss our fun dress-up, store and snack nights! Most importantly, kids will open God’s Word where they will explore and memorize 6 Truths: The Bible, The Greatness of God, The Goodness of God, The Trinity, God’s Creation, and God’s View of You.

K4-K5 kids will be tracing the storyline of the Bible through The Big Picture Story Bible. K4-K5 kids will also participate in our craft, game, and snack times. Families will receive a copy of The Big Picture Bible Verses and are encouraged to talk through these questions and Bible verses at home as we talk about them at church. The Big Picture Family Devotional is also a good resource for families to use at home.

Where can I buy a Kids on Mission T-shirt for my child?

T-shirts will be available for $5 each for kids and volunteers beginning 9/11 outside the K4-K5 and 1st-5th grade classrooms.

What are the Bible Truth Booklets?

We will provide a new booklet for each Bible Truth during the school year. Your child should bring the booklet to Kids on Mission each week. Children will have a month to work through each booklet. In the booklet, your child will find an overview of all 6 Bible Truths, memory verses related to the Bible Truth, 10 Bible Truth questions and answers, and a Bible Reading Plan that you can work through with your child or that they can complete independently. You are able to sign off on the Bible Truth Questions & Answers and Bible Reading Plan. Volunteers will sign off for Bible Memory verses. Kids who say the weekly memory verse will receive an award pin to apply to their lanyard. Those who complete more in each booklet will receive a larger award at the end of the school year.

How can my child earn points toward the store?

Most points can be earned through completing parts of the Bible Truth Booklets. Other points can be earned by simply attending Kids on Mission, dressing up for special nights, and donating toward Backpack Blessings.

What is this year’s giving project competition?

This year we will be giving to our missionaries, the Liauws in Indonesia, who operate two orphanages in Jakarta and Borneo. Kids will be divided into two teams for the year and will be competing for the highest giving team. Money given by the children will be matched by the Morningside Children’s Ministry. The Liauws will be receive all funds at the end of the school year. The winning team will be treated to ice cream sundaes.

Is my K4-K5 child required to memorize verses in order to earn money for store night?

No. Each K4-K5 child will be given equal opportunity to shop at the store each semester whether they memorize verses or not. Our goal is to primarily expose them to the Scriptures.